Monday, August 21, 2006

C is for Chocolate

Pre-made 2 mudcakes comprising >1.2kg of dark chocolate, >1kg of butter and sugar, 6 eggs plus LOTSA Kahlua ahead of a chocolate lovers course.

A good 5 hours spent at the hands on class later, the end result was OK enough for a first timer, I suppose.

The first cake was covered with ganache, had a chocolate collar wrapped around its side, filled with shards that then have butterflies "glued" on with chocolate.

The other mudcake was topped with ganache and chocolate curls. Supposedly less "wow" than the other, I do find this more elegant of the two!

Hmmm... the next time I make this, might try creating a mini versions. Fingers crossed, they should turn out quite adorable!

Suffice to say, the taste tests/licks in between and a slice of the end result are enough to put one off chocolate for awhile!



J said...

Can we have a pic of the X-sectional area of the cake? plssssss

C said...

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately no cros section pics were taken. Will take one the next time round... :D

J said...

ok dokie. The best will be able to taste it. hmmm that sounds like a wonderful idea. Hopefully, D will make the arrangement.