Sunday, August 27, 2006

C's plan B

I have seared my flesh whilst whipping up a wok full of Thai red curry.

My left hand is "a princess hand no more"!

Oh well, so much for trying out the new tart tins!
Decided to shelve all baking this weekend (and possibly next - we'll see).

Nonetheless, still wanted to bring a dish to the party.
With the punnets of strawberries intended for the tarts in the fridge...
I suppose I could just bring cut fruit to the pot luck, but that's a bit pathetic.

Also, pretty as they look, strawberries seldom taste fab au naturel.
Oft harvested prematurely, sweet strawberries are few and far.
Thus, in a light bulb moment, plan B for choc dipped strawberries rolled into action.
They look good, can be put together very easily, and travel well!

Hmmm. Makes one wonder if "I can't cook" is an euphemism for "I can't be bothered/ I am a cheapskate" at pot lucks/bring a plate occasions where people turn up empty handed.


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