Thursday, August 24, 2006

C's tin tins

Am I excited.

Finally tracked down mini rectangular fluted loose base tart tins!

You see, encouraged by the elegant look of large rectanglar tarts that I have made to date, I decided that mini would be the way to go!

(Folks, let's not delude ourselves amidst all the politcally correct BS. Big is really NOT beautiful...)

Incredibly, my quest was more difficult than initially envisaged.

Apparently a rare/niche piece of baking equipment, responses received from various shops:
  1. "All we have are displayed.. go see for yourself!" Duh, that is the reason why I asked if I could order them. Old grouch behind the counter reckons business is too good?
  2. "We only have large rectangular ones, could I suggest the small round ones?" Well... it was my boredom with round generic tins that got me started on rectangular ones. Thanks but no thanks. Least there's some initiative by chirpy gal here to product push.
  3. "Am afraid we only have 12 of them them in a tin plate version... would that be sufficient?" Oh.... its not non-stick coated? I will have to make do with tin plated tins? Hmmm, lemme see... I'll take half a dozen. Thanks!

Much as tin plated baking tins look cheap to me, need to be oiled, might rust after washing etc, had enough of apathetic/annoying sales people whose only contribution is CO2. It's so much easier to take the middle ground, buy the tins and look forward to using them this weekend!

PS: Pic of large non-stick tin vs latest toy attached.