Monday, September 18, 2006

C's play dough

The story of "PLAY-DOH" began in 1956 when scientists at a soap and cleaning compound company who were trying to develop a wallpaper cleaning product stumbled upon a new toy!

Realizing the product's play potential, "PLAY-DOH" was first introduced in one color and size - an off-white, 1.5 pound cardboard can.

The non-toxic, patented "PLAY-DOH" that is presently owned by "Hasbro" sure has come a long way with the introduction of new formulae, new colours, new packaging and a whole lot of accessories including drumroll... the limited edition "PLAY-DOH" perfume!

That said, "PLAY-DOH" still remains inedible, which is hmmm... the opposite of what Dancing Blue Seal is about: Food, eating and cooking!

In the sprit of creativity, I marked National "PLAY-DOH" Day (Saturday, 16 September 2006) by making sugar paste carrots.

Now... These will certainly come in handy for decorating carrot cakes!



Babe_KL said...

can put up yr recipe for sugar paste?

C said...

Hi babe_kl, the sugar paste was ready made! Bought it off the baking supplies shop and just added food colouring. They call it "Plastic Icing" here in Perth.


Anonymous said...

Pretty and cute carrots!

Erm, the rest of this comment is for D.. D, I have not tried Komala Villas although I see it quite often! There's one near Mustafa. My parents said it's pretty good, they order naans for Indian-crewed ships from there I think.

Anonymous said...

Not sure which branch they order from but I'm pretty sure it was Komala Villas, must ask them again. I seem to recall they had ordered before from a Komala Villas in a food court at Scotts?!!

But for naans, the ones at Sim Lim Square have really improved, soft and fluffy. Dhal there is good too, quite homestyle, thick with spices. Another place I go to regularly is Lau Par Sat near my office, this new stall opposite the eat-what-you-like-pay-what-you-like vegetarian Indian stall serves pretty good naans & dhal too.

Haven't been in ages but near Mustafa, at the corner of Desker Road is Usman Restaurant, rather dingy coffeeshop. They did good naans when my friend brought me and dum briyani (which I only tried once but still remember).

Babe_KL said...

how sad, i hvnt seen ready made ones in the store i've been to. might need to check out others