Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Saigon, Denver, Colorado

New Saigon at 630 S Federal Blvd is apparently one of the oldest (if not the oldest) Vietnamese restaurant in Denver. This place was recommended to me by a Vietnamese colleague who's a native of Denver, so I was expecting something pretty good.

We started off with the nem nuong. Pretty tasty but somehow I still preferred the slightly coarser mince that gave us a heartier chew in the ones served in Vietnam. Still, it was rather tasty and our hungry party finished it in no time.

Next came a giant platter of various appetizers which we wrapped in rice paper rolls and dipped into the sweet and salty fish sauce. Great for groups, there was a little bit of everything in here. The spring rolls with minced pork and the grilled lemon grass pork chops stood out particularly.

More meat came in the form of grilled lemon grass chicken thighs. Not bad, but somehow the grilled pork chops still had a nicer texture and flavor.

The grilled mussels with scallions were a nice reminiscent of the street-side shellfish I enjoyed so much in Vietnam. These were fresh and plump.

We finished off the meal with a big hotpot seafood in a bath of sweet and spicy broth. Although this was just tad bit sweet, it went well when accompanied with rice. Thanks to JT for the recommendation, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.



kahsean said...

ooo that spicy broth looks yumy. i had some viet food on monday in the city. abit wierd bt the soup was dam gd. i rkn they add in heaps of MSG!!

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D said...

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Been incredibly busy! Just put one up =)