Friday, March 20, 2009

One Dollar Hotdog, Manhattan, NYC

Like thin crust pizza by the slice, hotdogs are another convenient snack (or meal depending on how many you eat) that are readily available in New York. It's hard not to walk around Manhattan and not see one of those so-called dirty water hotdog stands. I don't even know the name of this one but it's apparently pretty famous as the hotdogs only come up to a dollar after tax and they look pretty big too. Catering to the Chinatown crowd and definitely the Fung Wah Chinatown bus clientale, this hotdog window at the corner of Canal and Bowery has gained quite a following.

So how was it in the end? It was actually surprisingly tasty. It was larger than the average street hotdog and they claim to use quarter-pound all beef dogs here. The casing was snappy and the meat was still quite succulent and juicy. Maybe I was hungry but I did wolf this down pretty quick. Catsup and mustard are free but onions cost extra.



Anonymous said...

thats long? isn't it? ohhh where the pen is?

Lord Dianabol said...

Looks absolutely delicious, and for a buck? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

looks good to me. especiallly for a buck. The best tating dogs ( to me )are ballpark or cicus dogs, when you are famished from waiting in line, or looking for parking.

LiquidShaDow said...

This is like the equivalent of Ikea at your place.

Incidentily, I just had a bad hotdog recently at Clark Quay.

D said...

j: nispe?

lord dianabol: haha not too shabby aye?

anon: I was quite pleasantly surprised as well.

ls: Speaking of Ikea, I have Brooklyn's Ikea somewhere in my huge backlog of yet to be blogged about things.

eve910 said...

eeee why din u tell me abt this when i went :D

eve910 said...

btw i'm so glad you're back. left off reading a while back cos u seemed to be busy! :D shall be more attentive from now on. keep up with the cooking posts! think of the small kitchen as a challenge :D