Tuesday, July 18, 2017

To be first amongst equals, one burger to rule them all....

Hi all, so I was having a burger craving and decided to give a crack at writing a personal review on three of the top favourites within the vicinity.

They are:
1) Bare Grill on Bourke Street, Surry Hills
2) Grill'd
3) Big Daddy's Burger Grill

 First up we have The Mac Daddy at Big Daddy's Burger Bar
Triple beef patties, triple cheese, big daddy sauce - $13
Deep fried onion rings - $5
Review: The burger was VERY juicy, and dripping with melted cheese. Bun was similar to semi-sweet French brioche bread and gave a great contrast to the savouriness of the meat and cheese. The onion rings were very normal, nothing to go ga ga about.
Verdict: Big thumbs up to the Mac Daddy. Won't purchase onion rings again.

 Next up is Bare Grill along Bourke Street, Surry Hills.
I  ordered the Big Bare which had two beef patties, bacon, American cheese, lettuce and onions plus their special sauce - $17
Melted raclette cheese over burger - $7
Onion rings - $12
Review: Quality and service comes at a premium. Being the most costly of the three restaurants, this offered prompt service by wait-staff, water and a heated interior which is pretty welcomed for the winter. No corners were cut in the preparation of the burger. The patties were tasty, not too salty, succulent and real beefy. The variety of melted cheeses gave it an added oomph. Finally the bacon was definitely the cherry on top of the cake. The onion rings were freshly fried, crispy and contained rings sliced out from an actual onion, not reconstituted onion mash fashioned into UFOs.
Verdict: Very excellent, at $7 for topping of melted cheese, I reckon its a bit on the pricey side.

 Last but not least, your everyday burger from the Grill'd Chain of restaurants.
Bacon and cheese burger - $11.50
Low carb burger bun - +$1.50
Deep fried avocado chips - $5.90
Review: In summary, crispy bacon, melted cheese on a juicy beef patty, garnished with onions and lettuce nestled in a low carbohydrate bun along with a side of battered and deep fried avocado slices. Burger was pretty normal but avocado chips were very unique.
Verdict: Burgers are so-so however I would recommend trying the avocado chips at least once just to satisfy your curiosity.

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