Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sun May Hiong Satay House, Malacca, Malaysia

One thing good about Malacca is that it's small enough a town to be accessible but large enough to sustain a variety of good eateries.

One of the things to try in Malacca is well.. Malaccan satay. Sun May Hiong is supposedly the satay joint in town to hit and as the scent of charcoal embers grew stronger as we approached it, we knew we were in for a treat.

The concept of satay dining here is quite different from Singapore's. You basically sit down, order your drinks and the servers will just keep serving you a variety of satays as soon as they're done on the grill. When you're about done, you may signal them to stop. It's great, in that way, I don't have to wait for a batch to be cooked since you're always getting them fresh.

One thing that gave me a little surprise when I had my first taste was that the satays here are alot more savory than the ones in Singapore. They're more like savory kebabs, in fact the sweetish marinade is almost non-existent. The sauce however, was still sweet and had blended pineapple in it which provided a nice balance to the saltiness of the meats.

Besides the chicken and pork satays, they have a few other interesting ones such as small pig's intestines.

And pork liver satays. The best part about every skewer is that there's always a nice chunk of lard in it to impart that fragrance and juiciness in every bite.



Sebastian Ng said...

WHA DAMN SHIOK just watching man >.<" did they have peanuts as well... or just pineapple as their sauce?

mmmmm..... yummy

God Bless

D said...

seb: I know you love to skewer your meat =D

Lord Dianabol said...

Looking good mate.

That's real food in my opinion!!!