Monday, January 28, 2008

Hail Caesar!

Occasionally D indulges in a salad and when he does, it's usually of the Caesar variety. Besides, any salad that has more calories than a double Whopper begs respect.

1. Ken's steakhouse Caesar dressing
2. Creamy blue cheese
3. Dijon mustard

1. Grilled smoked Boar's Head bacon
2. Flavored croƻtons
3. Roasted garlic almond slivers
4. Grilled bratwurst
5. Whole anchovies
6. Hard boiled egg(s)

The healthy stuff:
1. Romaine or cos lettuce leaves
2. Cherry tomatoes

1. Wash and arrange the healthy stuff into a big bowl
2. Mix the dressing in a separate bowl
3. Douse dressing onto the leaves and tomatoes
4. Placed toppings on top
5. Indulge

At least this is something I can predictably churn out from my little kitchen =)


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Best Wingers Express, Manhattan, NYC

Sometimes the food that really hits the spot is the greasy stuff from the shop down the street. Best Wingers Express is a small shop in Midtown East which pretty much serves take-out and delivery clientele. They do have a few small tables if you want to dine in and they provide wet napkins because it'll get messy.

They're well known for their spicy buffalo wings which comes in a range of heat levels. Needless to say, only the hottest will do. The outside is really crisp which makes the inner meat suffer slightly from drying but the moist sauce makes up for that.

One of the very few vegetarian options on the menu, these breaded deep fried fresh mushrooms were actually very delectable.

The beef ribs were huge but there was way more bone than meat in this. Quite amusing how they smothered it in a smoky bbq sauce and topped it off with a fried bun.

The buffalo tenders are essentially similar to the wings except it's all white meat and there are no bones to contend with.

The Roman chicken sandwich comes in a surprisingly tasty warm and crusty bun with a tangy blue cheese dressing and chewy melted cheese.

For the slightly more health conscious people, they have a pretty decent grilled chicken Caesar as well. But salad in a joint like this? C'mon, who are you trying to kid?


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sushi You, Manhattan, New York

One thing good about Manhattan is that there are a fair bit of authentic sushi joints around. I'm a fan of small little family run style shops where the focus is pretty much on the food and no other fancy nonsense. Sushi You is such a place.

We started with the unagi, tobiki and avocado wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber. Refreshing and tasty. The freshness of the ingredients shone through, a good sign of things to come.

The ebi tempura was fairly decent too. Although the shrimp wasn't humongous, they were fresh. The batter could have been a bit lighter though.

For the main we had the chirashi sushi deluxe. This definitely satisfied my sushi craving. Heaps of fresh raw fish piled up onto rice which was cooked and seasoned just right. Sushi You delivered a solid performance tonight and I guess the fact that I was one of only four non-Japanese patrons was a testimonial to their authenticity.