Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sushi You, Manhattan, New York

One thing good about Manhattan is that there are a fair bit of authentic sushi joints around. I'm a fan of small little family run style shops where the focus is pretty much on the food and no other fancy nonsense. Sushi You is such a place.

We started with the unagi, tobiki and avocado wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber. Refreshing and tasty. The freshness of the ingredients shone through, a good sign of things to come.

The ebi tempura was fairly decent too. Although the shrimp wasn't humongous, they were fresh. The batter could have been a bit lighter though.

For the main we had the chirashi sushi deluxe. This definitely satisfied my sushi craving. Heaps of fresh raw fish piled up onto rice which was cooked and seasoned just right. Sushi You delivered a solid performance tonight and I guess the fact that I was one of only four non-Japanese patrons was a testimonial to their authenticity.



Anonymous said...

So lucky..!! the last time i was in the city.. and asked for chawamushi.. the waitress told me.. she had never heard of it before..! and when i asked her to check with the chef.. she looked at me.. like i was crazy. .muahhahaha!!

kahsean said...

the chirashi sushi deluxe looks rank! ahhaha im not a big fan of jap food at all. misssss my hawker food =]

Lord Dianabol said...

Do they do bento?

Or ramen?

Impressive food nonetheless.

daphne said...

i miss my jap food!! *sobsob*