Monday, October 01, 2007

Big Wong Restaurant, Manhattan, NYC

Nothing beats a bowl of steaming hot pork and century egg porridge for a morning feed. Accompanied by crunchy dough crullers, the smooth porridge had that delicious taste and texture that could only be achieved by the tedious and laborious effort of stirring it slowly whilst it cooks. Big Wong is located on 67 Mott Street ((212) 964-0540) in Chinatown and is opened as early as 7am.



Sammy said...

Heyo D! hows it going? Got my hyperlink up and ready to go ;P

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

yummy..i love porridge..

its ok if u miss the dinner. u cna always go back le papillion for their food. its very authentic french cuisine!

wanderinrhapsody said...

Thanks for your well wishes! I hope the new job's going splendid too! Btw, a friend of mine is working in NY too and you might like to catch her to go on food expeditions... =)

kahsean said...

mmm thats nicee! send some over for me hey =D

D said...

lav: If I do go back, yeah, I'll check em out

wanderinrhapsody: Nice blog, I'll definitely read more of it when I get the time

kahsean: aye? The Chinese grub in Perth is pretty good in her own right too.