Sunday, May 25, 2008

Buckhorn Exchange, Denver, Colorado

Going to the first steakhouse in anywhere can be like a mixed bag. On one hand, you have to respect the tradition but on the other, you risk getting caught in a tourist trap. That's why I was little suspicious at first when I stepped towards the Buckhorn Exchange; the oldest steakhouse in Denver, Colorado.

I was soon calmed by the decor. Apparently the original owner was an avid hunter and his trophies are proudly displayed throughout the dining hall.

The breads were served and although I'm not really into breads, these were very tasty. Soft and fluffy with a light and crisp crust, these paired very nicely with the warm, whipped salted butter.

The appetizer was a a game stew which was a medley if elk, buffalo and beef mixed with gravy and sauteed mushrooms. This was pretty tasty, the only drawback was it was really hard to distinguish which meat was which when everything was doused in the gravy.

One of the soup specials of the day was the cream of cheese soup. That's right, cheese soup! I had to try this out of curiosity if more than anything. Thick, creamy and cheesy, this was excellent for dipping the bread into. Great for anyone out there like me who loves cheese.

But ultimately, this is a steakhouse, so what does one do at a steakhouse? They order the biggest slab of animal on the menu. 24oz of boned in porter house cooked till medium rare. It's always such a beautiful sight to see the steak spilling over the edge of the plate.

Aged just long enough for the flavor to mature and with enough interstitial fat to make this a delectable and succulent bite, this was indeed good meat.

Another one conquered. Although I thought it rather funny it was paired with crisps and a funky fruit salad, the tart pineapple and berries actually helped me kept going at this slab till there was none left.

A good steak begs a good dessert. The homemade apple pie with a huge scoop of Haagen Daz vanilla was definitely a good finale to this tasty dinner.

Despite my qualms about Buckhorn being a tourist trap, most of the diners here seem to be regular locals. Decapitated animals, good steak. Nice to know that some traditions still stand strong.



kahsean said...

that stew seem as tho its old! it looks really mushy and yeh that wudnt appeal to me at all!

gotta love that cheese soup tho! i LOVE cheese :D

LiquidShaDow said...

It's been a while since I've had a good steak. Maybe it's time....

D said...

kahsean: Cheesesoup!!!

liquidshadow: It's ALWAYS time for a good slab of animal mate =P

Camemberu said...

LOL how to eat when you have all those animal heads staring down at you? :P