Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cheesecake Factory, Denver, Colorado

The Cheesecake Factory is not really native to Denver, actually it's a chain that started from Beverly Hills, California. I first tasted a slice of their cheesecake in Chicago about four years ago and remembered it pretty good (it helps that I'm quite fond of cheesecake to begin with), so when I chanced upon this one along the 16th street mall, I decided to hop in for a little arvo snack.

We started off with a slice of their popular strawberry cheesecake. Rich and creamy cheesecake with the tart contrast of the glazed strawberries. This was as good as I remembered it to be. The freshly whipped cream on the side had that hint of vanilla which was most welcomed as well.

The hot chocolate was pretty decent. But being a rather warm day, I guess I just didn't appreciate it that much. I also felt it was a little too sweet as I prefer my hot choc slightly bitter.

The Godiva chocolate cheesecake tasted pretty good at the start as it was extremely rich but halfway we got quite tired of it quite frankly. The chocolate seemed to be overpowering the cheese flavor and it was just a tad bit too heavy for us to finish. I still prefer the subtlety and balance of flavors in their strawberry cheesecake.

Wow, if I thought the hot chocolate was too sweet, I guess I wasn't ready for their caramel latte. This stuff will induce hyperglycemia. None of us could finish this bummer of a beverage. I guess, in the end, their conventional cheesecakes are really what they are good for. Hence, the name.



tigerfish said...

Godiva Chocolate cake is my fav from this place.

Thanks for dropping by my site.

Anonymous said...


a girl named s.e.w. said...

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daphne said...

oh my! chocolate!! and cheesecake
Godiva slice-arghhh. I can't help but notice the generous amount of whipped cream too.

D said...

tigerfish: Yup, for me it's the classic strawberry cheesecake


Sarach: hi, unfortunately I'm not in Denver anymore. I've sent a response to your email.

daphne: whipped cream is all good :D

eve910 said...

u kno wad...
i'm getting FAT from all this american food!
and i'm not even eating out much...
ohhh dear..
pork rib grill post coming up soon.
was too ashamed to post the failed chicken rice attempt. lol. but they liked the rice!

eve910 said...

and DAYMN boy!! you're so hot, you're getting PR hits!! ask them for free food!!

Anonymous said...

i love cheesecakes! haha