Sunday, November 02, 2008

Forty Carrots, Bloomingdale's, Manhattan, NYC

The frozen yogurt (or more affectionately known as "froyo") craze in New York has certainly passed its peak but there's still enough critical fanbase for a decent number of Pinkberries and Red Mangoes to be found. Apparently, even before Pinkberry exploded onto the scene in about 2005, Forty Carrots at Bloomie's was already churning out some pretty decent froyo.

Here's a double swirl with original and butter pecan. Even though the original tasted a little tart (I thought it would taste as sweet as "I can't believe it's yogurt!"), the flavor soon grows on you. The butter pecan was surprisingly rich for yogurt and overall the quality was sufficiently creamy to make a nice ice-cream substitute or just a preferential dessert of choice. Tuck away on the 7th floor of Bloomie's is Forty Carrots, a little froyo getaway in the middle of midtown mayhem.



red fir said...

Yah you...have to tempt me with that yogurt porn! Looks so good! Serving is also very generous, unlike what we get here.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Perth needs some froyo lovin' :D

Nothing like original with your berry of choice...slurp!

eve910 said...

sorry no comments til now but oohhh this is the one you asked me to try out? dang it! oh well there's always next time!

D said...

ice: Yup, best thing is that the really fill it up fully, not just creating that circular perimeter with that massive hollow center in the middle!!

shoki: But you DIDNT try the butter pecan... BOOO

eve910: Can't wait to see your food reviews soon =D