Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Guys, Washington DC

I've always found DC to have a nice number of eateries that will fit almost any budget. Although Five Guys is originally from Arlington, Virginia, it's in DC where they really took off, having spawned quite a number of branches in DC, they've gone on to spread to other states.

As their namesake suggests, they do take their fries and burgers quite seriously. Their fries are made from fresh potatoes and prepared almost as when they're ordered. There's a signboard up stating where their fries are from as well. If I'm not wrong, these spuds were from somewhere in Idaho (where else?). Simply seasoned with some salt and black pepper, these were pretty tasty on its own. There's also no reason to order a larger serve because although the size of the cup may vary, they throw everything into a brown paper bag and just fill it up anyway.

There's a bit of a gimmick in their burger nomenclature here, a "little burger" is basically your standard burger and their standard burger here comes with double patties. Needless to say I went for the bacon cheeseburger which came with two very nice and juicy patties. Another plus to this place is that all additional toppings are free, I think I chose mustard, catsup, jalapenos, mushrooms, fried onions, lettuce and tomato. All in all, this made a pretty good lunch. Some aspects of fastfood still remain though, all the patties are only cooked to well-done which is a bit of bummer but they were still juicy enough to be quite delectable indeeed. For fastfood, this is definitely better than your average.


p.s: An absolutely happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers out there!


red fir said...

Happy New Year D! Hope you have some nice CNY goodies to eat!

Camemberu said...

Happy Lunar New Year, D! May the year bring you lots of good food and free time, so I can get to see them on your blog! :D

Miss Tam Chiak said...

Happy Lunar New Year to u! :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Happy new year D.

We need more fast food options apart from the commercial giants here!

D said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys!

Anonymous said...

In the mid south, try "fudruckers'. Pretty good burgers, cooked to order (no rare- state law). or ribeye sandwich Great fries. Also great cookies or brownies, to finish.Don't mean to sound like an advert, but they are pretty good for a chain.

Q Spades said...

Hi nnice reading your blog