Thursday, April 09, 2009

Asian Legend, Ann Arbor, MI

The literal translation of Asian Legend is actually "Old Place", I guess it's supposed to invoke memories of nostalgic popular Taiwan eateries. One of the fairly decent Chinese eateries in Ann Arbor, Asian Legend serves food which is touted to be Taiwanese. In all fairness, I think it's more like Chinese food as certain Taiwanese staples are not available, but still the fare is consistently quite tasty, so I try to stop by whenever I'm in Ann Arbor.

We started off with a generous serving of deep-fried pig intestines. Crisp on the outside and succulent within, salt and pepper sprinkled on top gave it a nice flavor. I would have preferred if it was fried a little longer to be crispier but it was still pretty good.

Deep-fried chicken wings with basil and salt and pepper were up next. This could have been a very good dish if not for one flaw, the nasty fragments of chicken bone in almost every bite. It's as though they bashed the wings up a bit to let the flavor in so I had to contend with bone every time I had a chew.

A braised combination of pig ears, cold seasoned beancurd and seaweed. Everything here was good except the seaweed which tasted extremely fishy. I'm serious, it tasted just so off that we barely touched it.

The beef pancake rolls were just as good as I remembered. Crispy spring onion pancakes rolled around succulent braised beef slices. This is a must order whenever I'm here.

Last but not least, we had a serve of the Taiwan braised beef noodles. I was never really a big fan of these noodles to begin with so I guess this was pretty much as good as it got. A tasty broth, some chunks of braised beef, springy noodles and the minced preserved vegetables on top.

Asian Legend isn't exactly hardcore, authentic Taiwanese but it's good and predictable Chinese food. When the pickings are that few in Ann Arbor, one can't be too fussy.



J said...

I thought i did saw szechuan on the card, which part is szechuan? But who cares as long as its good food~ Huat

Anonymous said...

What a nice article. I guess it just means 'HOME'. Where you can be among friends, and people like you, and not have to explain... I never did care much for chitlins ( hog intestines) boiled. But I sure like them cleaned, packed and grilled or boiled. ( sauageges) I have never seen them deep fried like that. But then again, if you have ever eaten a canned meat product, you are just lucky not to get a hoof or beak. I once almost broke a tooth on canned corned beef, when I bit into a 5/8 nut. Befere I incur the the wrath of peta,aloww me to say I donot eat veal, foie gras, or caviar. I am lucky. We raise our on stock, and you eat less meat, when you see where it comes from ( eggs in included)80 per cent of most farmers diet is veg. Happy Easter/ Passover, and looking forward to some great tomato sammiches.

red fir said...

Hey d, hope you're alright over there. Do take care.

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