Wednesday, July 29, 2009

East Side Bar and Grill, Cambridge, MA

So maybe we just didn't feel like having lobster for brunch today or the lobster shack we were looking for was closed on a Sunday (I confess, it was the latter); walking towards Cambridge, hungry as we were, we stumbled on the East Side Bar and Grill which was opened and seemed to be quite popular with the locals, soon enough we found ourselves inside for a little Sunday brunch.

Fried mozzarella is always a nice appetizer, but as I've grown accustomed to the generic mozzarella sticks, these wedges of freshly cut mozzarella before being crumbed and fried to a gooey mess was indeed quite tasty. Accompanied with the tangy marinara sauce, I knew the disappointment of not having lobster would soon dissipate.

I'm a strong advocate of the hearty first meal, so my main of sirloin steak tips, fried potatoes and sunny side-up eggs definitely fitted the bill. The steak tips were well marinated but most importantly the spuds were fried with real butter! That itself deserves extra points.

The other main was a 10oz burger with home-style fries. Pretty decent for a burger but definitely not the best we had, in fact it was a little too dry and definitely not the medium rare we ordered. The fries were tasty though.

Lastly we had a serve of French toast. Served with freshly whipped cream and a fine dusting of icing sugar, it didn't take long for us to smother these slices in syrup and finished off the meal. In the end, not having lobster was actually mightily refreshing and of course, there's always dinner.


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