Monday, April 26, 2010

JP Licks, Harvard Sq, Boston, MA

Your Honour, I plea guilty; guilty to blog neglect. I'm definitely not giving up on this blog but it's just that I'm in this phase of my life right now which just seems to sap away all my time and energy. This is just a quick snap at JP Licks during one of my short breaks. JP licks is a Boston chain cafe which sells ice-cream, frozen yogurts, coffee and cakes. Sometimes, sipping a hot chocolate and dismembering a gingerbread man bit by bit with my teeth are some of the best things in the world.


p.s: you can tell he is a bit of a masochist too because he's still smiling despite losing a leg.


eve910 said...

tooo in need of recipes mann :D u no time to cook anymore?

av said...

What went next in Mr. Gingerbread man must be even more sadistic.

Anonymous said...

well, prosucuter drops all charges. case adjourdned. Sorry I have not been by to read this in a while. every body has things in their lives that occur. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

price per head said...

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