Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reheating Pizza

Is this the best way to reheat pizza? "Best" is a strong word, so I don't know if I can commit to that but this sure is one damn good way to reheat a slice.
NYC is the land of good thin slice but often times, my ambition far exceeds my talent and I have a slice or two leftover. Sure eating it straight out from the fridge is a great hangover cure but sometimes, I pretend to be classy and want to heat a slice up. Cranking up my oven seems a tad bit too much for a slice (albeit a rather large slice) so after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try heating it up on a non-stick frying pan. I took my slice of Lombardi's toss it on the pan, added some sliced pepperoni and it actually turned out REALLY good... damn this thing tasted as though it was fresh from the oven. The trick is to keep the heat really low... and if you want the cheese to go soft a little quicker you could cover it with foil for a bit too. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my slice.



J said...

your stove is damn dirty. :S

red fir said...

lol J.

d, you've been blogging more often! Good!

D said...

j: Sometimes are better dirty ;-)

ice: yup.. trying to get back into the habit though I've been soooo bogged down by work