Thursday, March 07, 2013

Classic French tucked away in Potts Point, Mere Catherine

In our early days in Sydney, "L" (Another companion) and me were researching into the best french food we could find. Mere Catherine was highly recommended and we decided to give it a try.

This quaint looking restaurant looks rather unassuming from the outside. In fact its interior only accommodates about 5 tables for each sitting, therefore it is ideal to call and make reservations beforehand.

So after perusing through the menu, L and I decided to go with the following:

A bottle of "Chemin Des Papes 2011" and some garlic bread to start of the meal.

To be honest, I am not really a connoisseur of wine but this bottle of red accompanied the meal perfectly.

The Garlic Bread was rich and buttery and the parsley gave it its signature herbal depth.

For entrees, we went with 2 different soups and a salad (needed the greens to keep it healthy!)

Pottage Lucifer as it's named consisted of a creamy and savoury base with shredded cabbage on top. Oh, it's spicy characteristic most befits its name too.

Age old French Onion Soup. This traditional dish came with a huge cheesy crouton (much to my delight)!

Roquefort Salad. Fresh cabbage tossed through a blue cheese dressing and garnished with spring onions.

For the mains, L and I went for the "Chateubriand, sauce bearnaise" for 2.

The Chateubriand came with a generous side of Creamy Spinach. For that added sizzling effect, you can choose to pour the bearnaise sauce onto the hot plate, however we chose not to just to avoid making a mess of the table.

Although we were totally satisfied at this point, we believed that the french tradition of ending the meal with dessert had to be observed. We proceeded to order the following:

Creme caramel. Homemade with perfection. Without being overpoweringly sweet enhanced by the ever slight bitter touch of the burnt sugar.

Chocolate Mousse. Thick, creamy and chocolaty. Absolutely Decadent.

Overall we were very happy with our first visit to this joint and believe that there will be many more happy times spent there in the future!

166 Victoria Street
Potts Point, NSW 2011
(02) 9358 2000


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