Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sedap Rasa Indonesian Restaurant, Kingsford

So we decided to give this place a try today craving some good hot coconut curry and rice.

For variety sake, we ordered the 2 meats and 1 veggie combo each. I decided to try their famous cassava leaves in coconut cream, Beef rendang and a Lung/liver curry. Flavours were most excellent and unique however I felt that the liver was a bit too overcooked and hard for my liking.

"L" decided to go with spicy long beans with potatoes, fried fish with green chillies and deep fried chicken giblets. Again all the individual dishes tasted distinct and unique.

 Accompanying our meal was a traditional Indonesian beef soup with chopped up beef brisket, tendon, lung and liver. This was most creamy (or "lemak" in the language) and helped to keep the heat levels down too.

Last of all we decided to try out their "Es Telor" which traditionally is a coconut cream based dessert with chopped up bits of Jackfruit, Avocado and various other fruit. However much to our disappointment, the avocado was too raw and bitter too! And the cream tasted dairy based as opposed to coconut.

On the whole, I would definitely recommend people to come here and give this place a try. As winter in Sydney is approaching, some steaming hot and spicy food is really welcoming. (Then again, Indonesian food is great all round the year too!)

273 Anzac Parade
Kinsford, NSW 2032
(02) 9662 8886


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