Friday, April 13, 2007

Afternoon Tea, Malacca, Malaysia

At about three, we were feeling rather peckish and thought it appropriate to indulge in some afternoon tea. I didn't get the name or exact location of this Indian coffeeshop but there are quite a lot of them scattered across the old town. We started off with the onion roti canai. Crisp and fluffy without being too greasy this was a pretty good appetizer.

Maggi mee goreng was next. I love this dish and yes, I do confess that I love it partly because they've amalgamated two-words together. Stir-fried pre-cooked instant noodles with ample ghee and a squeeze of lime (it neutralizes all the oil haha), very yum.

We rounded up the meal with another well-done chicken murtabak and washed it all down with some creamy milk tea.



zhengning said...

Roti canai=Roti Prata?
The maggi goreng looks yummy!

Lord Dianabol said...

The malaysians have a funny way with their nomenclature...

Canai = prata

Anonymous said...

Hey D! dO you have any good recipes for mee goreng heh heh. Roti prata sounds good man!

D said...

zhengning: yup canai = prata

lady dianabol: they do indeed

anon: hmm, don't really have any from the top of my head but I fancy the ones that taste better are the ones from stalls which also do mutton soup, I've seen them use the soup as a base-stock to impart flavor to the mee goreng.