Monday, April 30, 2007

Geylang Serai Temporary Food Centre, Singapore

Since the new Geylang Serai Market is estimated to be completed only in March 2009, most of the tenants have been relocated to a temporary setup opposite the Malay Village.

Malay cuisine is the obvious thing to go for when you're here. We started with some selections from this nasi padang (mixed Malay rice) stall.

Fried beef in a spicy local salsa. The beef was had a good chew almost akin to a jerky and the salsa provided quite a nice kick.

The beef rendang though fairly fragrant paled in comparison to the one along Kiliney Road in both taste and texture.

This was selected for us when we asked for a recommendation after ordering the beef rendang. Only when we were back at our table did we realize that this was chicken rendang. I just thought it was rather odd that the owner would recommend a rendang dish which tasted pretty much the same as the first one we selected.

There's more than one stall here selling ayam penyat (smashed chicken) as well. Most of crowd seem to be ordering from Kurnia at #1-362, so we did as well. This chicken thigh was really half-heartedly smashed, but at least the chili sauce provided was rather good.

The chicken rice that came along wasn't too bad either. In fact it was rather fluffy without being too greasy.

We decided to supplement the meal with some satays and boy were we pleasantly surprised with these from Selera Nusantara (#1-348). The tripe was pretty good and had a decent chew but the lamb satays took the cake being extremely juicy and tasty. I'll definitely come back for more these.

After the meal, we scouted around for something sweet and found this little stall that specialized in cendol and nothing more. I guess their sign speaks for themselves.

Although it may look pretty thin here, this was actually one of the better cendols I've had in Singapore. Sure, it doesn't really come close to those in Malacca and I did see them mixing fresh coconut cream with tetrapak ones but I guess beggars can't be choosers.



Unknown said...

eeyer ...we didn't realize that the hawkers had been shifted across when we were in SG in Mar!!! We passed by Geylang Serai, saw that it looked dead and went on by ...

That cost us a taste. Hurts now when I see your pics :P

D said...

Don't worry jas, by the time you're next back, they would have probably already shifted back to their old location =)

Lord Dianabol said...

Hawker food is unbeatable...