Monday, April 23, 2007

Kim San Seafood, Bukit Panjang, Singapore

I always enjoy finding nice eateries away from the city. A close friend brought me here for dinner and the food is consistently tasty and reasonably priced. Although this joint operates out of a coffeeshop most of the patrons here are theirs. They've even extended the seating way out to accomodate more customers.

The mayonnaise prawns were large, crisp on the outside, crunchy and juicy within. The mayonnaise was not overly sweet which was a good thing. This reminded me of those bacon prawns from Canton Wok. Quite a tasty appetizer.

Juicy squid in a crisp batter casing. Salty, greasy and crispy. What more could I ask for?

Stir-fried "big head" clams in a spicy local chili gravy. The gravy is great to stir into piping hot steamed white rice.

Although just slightly bland, this beancurd dish with preserved cuttlefish, prawns, fish and vegetables was refreshingly clean compared to the deep-fried dishes.

I was worried that the chicken cooked with preserved vegetables would be too salty, but fortunately my fears were unfounded.

They must have thoroughly soaked the preserved vegetables to reduce the salt content before baking it with the chicken. In fact, this was extremely fragrant and the bird being cooked in its own juices was delightfully tender and succulent.

Yam ring, another dish I didn't really appreciate as a kid but have somehow learnt to reconnect with. This is done pretty well here together with generous chunks of chicken and shelled prawns.

We ended the meal on another clean note with some stir-fried broccoli. Fresh, crunchy and sweet. Its natural flavor speaks for itself.



Esther said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog... have thought about driving up to Malacca to eat and your blog will be really useful. Happy to have discovered a new blog to read :)

BTW, I think Ju Shin Jung is much much better than Jang Shou... but have a good time at Jang Shou anyway!

Lord Dianabol said...

The mayo shrimp and battered calamari is looking fantastic!

Did you have beer or wine with this?

zhengning said...

I stay at BukitPanjang! Haha, but i didnt hear of this place! Ohmy, i should explore my neighbourhood more man....

D said...

esther: Actually, Jang Shou wasn't as bad as I expected them to be. my review will be up shortly.

lady dianabol: none, I was driving haha.

zhengning: I'm guilty of not knowing my neigborhood as well. Sometimes we tend to take what we have nearby for granted and always seek pleasures much further away. But do go try their fare, quite tasty indeed.

Anonymous said...

Kim San Seafood recently change new name le, apparently previous owner had sold the stall. Now they have new stall at Jurong West