Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shake Shack again...

Here's just some more grub from the Shake Shake in Madison Square Park. The bratwurst with wholegrain mustard. Not too shabby a brat, with a nice snappy casing and chewy core.

The cheeseburger was also pretty decent.

The cheesy fries weren't too bad either although the crinkle-cut chips could have been crispier. Then again, having caught them at a good time (10 minutes queue), I've got nothing to gripe about.



daphne said...

Chessy fries! havent had that for ages either. I hope the bratwurst is juicy!

Miss Tam Chiak said... food in nyc seems much more appealing than spore, esp the burger. but i still prefer kfc cheese fries! hehe

Anonymous said...

food in new york is kinda boring

Sebastian Ng said...

Man those american do like cheese on everything... cheese dog, cheese fries, cheese burger >.<" next they'll have cheese cheese or cheese yogurt O_o"

D said...

daphne: Oh.. go to Elmar's on Beaufort Street, been eating their bratwursts, knacker and kranksi for yoinks! Their sauerkraut is good too!

jaime-la-nouriture: KFC has cheesefries now? What do do you know? Leave a place for only a month and it completely changes =S

anon: Well... I've really been too busy to explore alot of places but it'll get more interesting soon =)

seb: can never have enough cheese mate =P