Saturday, September 01, 2007

Popeyes, Manhattan, NYC

One big plus about Manhattan over Singapore is that there's more than one Popeyes outlet.

There's still a steady queue going here to make sure the turn-over is quite decent. Hence the chook still tastes pretty fresh. Oh and they actually have two flavors here; spicy (for babies hah!) and normal.

The biscuits must be made according to a standardised recipe because they're still as fluffy and tasty here. Actually, I think they were fluffier than the ones in Singapore. Nice stuff!

I didn't get to try the coleslaw but since most of it was finished, I guess it was pretty decent too.



Gen said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, yours is cool too and you seemed to have tried quite alot of goodies in NYC liao. Drop me an email at We should try to 'ketchup' and have some meals together ok. :o) Long Live Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

popeyes biscuits!!!

and its even better than singapore's?? ahh envy~~

zhengning said...

!! Wah the biscuits looks good! & The coleslaw looks good too!


Miss Tam Chiak said...

wah, ur popeye biscuits look appealing! heard of it but didnt try. sad tt they onli have 1 branch in spore.

daphne said...

oo... look at the combi!

btw- d, you have been tagged on my blog =)

Camemberu said...

Ooh Popeye's! Is da shiznit! I'm sure it's way better in NYC than in Changi Airport! Watch out for Little Nicky lurking around the corner...

kahsean said...

mmm that chicken looks yum! i shud go get some kfc now ahhaha

D said...

gen: Thanks for your comment. Yup, it'll be nice to catchup one day.

girl: The jelly (jam) here tastes better too =P

zhengning: What about the chook? Don't forget the poor chook! =D

jaime-la-nouriture: Hey there, thanks for dropping by. Yeah.. the single branch in the airport concept isn't very appealing.

daphne: It's a balanced diet =D

camemberu: It sure is better than the colonel's

kahsean: Sorry gal, the colonel can't compare.. you HAVE to try popeye's one day.