Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rock Center Cafe, Manhattan, NYC

Smack in the area near the skating rink at Rockefeller Center is the Rock Center Cafe. Although this place does scream tourist trap in some aspects, it wasn't too bad.

We shared a very pleasant snack of deep-fried calamari. This was cooked just nice, the squid wasn't too chewy nor dry and the tangy dipping sauce accompanied it well.

What better wayt is there to sooth the evening heat of a stubborn summer with some cold Piper?



daphne said...

cool! the calamari looks crispy- u know the comfort feeling u get when u sink your teeth in something crispy...that dish looks like it will do just that.

Anonymous said...

Bloody awesome mate!

I feel like some calamari now...

Lord D

Sebastian Ng said...

Whoa... loving it >.<" man those huge crispy, round... cold Pipers O_O" ekekeke no I'm joking... man I wish I had some calamari with Lord D :D :) Wha man... can't get that stuff here... without it dribbling in greasy SHIEZEN >.<"

God Bless

Sammy said...

I dno about calamari, but I'm gonna get some fish n chips down at Freo tmr. Yep yep.

Hey D, did u get my latest mail?

D said...

daphne: Crispy and tasty batter followed by the succulent and juicy calamari flesh.. the ultimate yum!

anon: Go get some mate!

seb: Damn.. we have to get together for another feast one day, we're always in different parts of the world, when you coming over to the states dawg?

yd: Email replied =)