Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shake Shack, Manhattan, NYC

This little cafe nestled in Madison Square Park (at the corner of Madison Ave and 23rd Street) has quite a cult following for their burgers and other fare. In fact, there's even a webcam on their website to show you how long the queue is.

So even though I was here at the off-peak hour at near three-ish, there was still a decent line. I waited about 15 minutes before I got to the counter to order my stuff.

They passed me a little pager and after about another 10 minutes, it buzzed and it was time to collect my grub. All in all, it took me only 25 minutes, not too bad compared to the hour-plus sort of waiting times I've heard from others.

But since 25 minutes is still rather long for a hungry guy, I decided to go for the bigass Shack Stack. The Shack Stack on the website is described as a "Trilogy of cheeseburger, Shack burger and the Shroom burger" which basically means there are two patties in this, a breadcrumbed portobello mushroom, American cheese, melted Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and shack sauce. I washed this down with a black and white (chocolate and vanilla) shake. Well, so what was the verdict? If anything, I found the burger just a tad bit salty and the shake a little sweet but that being said, this was definitely one filling meal. I'll be back to try their fries, frozen custard and dogs.



Anonymous said...

you're fast! hee i just posted like.. seconds before you commented. :P

Seems like you have no problem in getting used to food anywhere in the world, as long as there's meat. Hehe.. the ice cream below looks lovely, but the cone seems to be too small to support the ice cream's weight.. :P

Anonymous said...

haha hmm the burger looks realli big i suppose that u are realli a big eater

haha have u gained weight ever since u travel around the world for food?

Unknown said...

Hey there D, still doing your foodie rounds everyday? You must have a long lunch hour huh to be able to make your way to this joint and wait 25mins and then take some more time to eat that huh? Working hours must be pretty flexi?

Sounds like you're doing very ok there.

zhengning said...

Hehe hey D, I really envy you! How many places have you travelled for foodyumyum alrd?? :D:D

Sammy said...

Wah, travel and eat travel and eat. So it's NYC this time aye?

Keep up with the updates

D said...

girl: The world is getting smaller everyday =)

anon: Gained weight? Hmm.. not sure, I'm don't really look at the scales much. But you're right, that definitely was one big mama of a burger =D

jas: On the contrary workings hours here are quite insane! This was on a day just before I started work =S

zhengning: Hmm I think I've been to about 16 countries so far? I reckon food and culture are inherently connected, so that's my excuse for eating heaps haha =P

yd: Yup, but I'm going to be in NYC for awhile this time.