Friday, August 17, 2007

Mandarin Court, Manhattan, NYC

Mandarin Court (61 Mott St, (212) 608-3838) was another dim sum joint that I checked out but this time I came with some of my newly met colleagues which translated as being to order heaps more (yay!). The servings here are slightly less dear than Golden Bridge but also noticeably smaller. The shumais were quite tasty still with a nice balance of pork, mushroom and shrimp.

The baked barbecued pork buns were next. Typical soft and slightly sweet bread encasing a generous filling of chopped barbecued pork.

Chicken feet were done just right, tender enough to slide of the bone easily but still firm enough for a decent chew.

Steamed flour rolls with shrimp were pretty good too. The skin wasn't too thick or dry and the sauce wasn't too salty either. The shrimp in it was a little scanty though.

More dimsum staples such as steamed pork ribs,

char siew soh (yet again, the skin here was too thick for my liking),

and steamed shrimp dumplings. Not too bad, the skin wasn't too thick and still quite moist.

The savory rice was quite tasty but it was rather filling as well so no one really paid much attention to it in the end.

The egg tarts although not warm were quite decent, the custard having a nice eggy flavor and the pastry being rather flakey and light.

The other dessert we sampled were the deep fried flour balls filled with red bean. I was never a big fan of this but I guess it was not bad, the oil tasted fresh which is a big thing to me.

Last but not in the very least, my favorite dimsum item; fried squid tentacles. This was pretty good, in fact we ordered two serves of this.



daphne said...

yum! I crave for dim sum when reading posts on it! haha. I think there is something about dim sum that makes the pictures drool worthy.

I know that most Perth's dim sum's places r by Hong kong chefs. Is it the same in NY?

zhengning said...

Wow.. *Looks at the flour rolls and eggtarts* Drools~

Unknown said...

Evil photos ... my stomach's bleeding. Haven't had decent chee cheong fun in a l-o-n-g while. Can't wait to get back to Perth to have some good Chinese food once more.

D said...

daphne: Yes, most of Chinatown here is run by Cantonese folk. I actually still prefer Perth dimsum, haven't found one here that is as good as Perth's.

zhengning: They were pretty good actually.

jas: Northbridge Chinese Restaurant or Lok Fok and Maxim are two dimsum joints which are pretty good in Northbridge. OF course Emperor's Kitchen was good, but I don't know how it's like after the management change.

Anonymous said...

Yummy..!! i missed dim sum alot..! we donch have any here.. unless i go to the city .. which is 4 hrs away from us.. :(