Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Golden Bridge Restaurant, Manhattan, NYC

I ventured into Chinatown one day to buy a Chinese cleaver (somehow, I can't do without one of these blades) and asked the owner of the store where I could get some authentic food. Being Cantonese, she suggested to try the dim sum at Golden Bridge. This place was packed when I arrived and on a weekday too, not bad.

The first thing that struck me here was that the servings are huge! Even this platter of steamed porkribs was virtually spilling out of the edges.

The shu mais (as large as some breadbuns in other dim sum joints) gave a very nice hearty and meaty bite.

It wasn't just the genorosity of the pork mince in this that made it so delectable but also the sizeable chunks of crunchy shrimp. This shu mai was spot-on.

The char siew soh had a pastry which was just a tad bit too heavy and thick but the filling was her redeeming grace being fragrant and slightly fatty chunks of char siew. I was actually full after only three plates! I need to get a bigger horde to come check out this joint next time.



Unknown said...

Yummmmmmo! Haven't had decent dim sum since I moved up here. There's a Yum Cha restaurant (no relation to the one in SG) which is er ... ok ... for want of nothing better.

J said...

where is the har gao!!!!