Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC

This place has been churning out delicious ice creams for almost 30 years. Apparently, there's another place which looks very uncannily similar (a competitor?) hence the need for the word "original" in their name.

You'll always be spoilt for choice when you're here. With a variety ranging from almond cookie and green tea to more interesting ones such as wasabi and coconut fudge, it's really quite impossible to try all the flavors in one sitting. I think all the fruit stalls selling lychees and mangoes I walked passed must have planted some sort of subliminal message in my head because I walked out with a double scoop of mango and lychee ice cream. Boy was this good stuff, thick and creamy, full of fruity flavor but not overly sweet, this was the ideal chill pill for the summer heat.



Unknown said...

That is one mother of an ice-cream! Is that going to be your lunch? If I had that, I don't think I can fit in anything else.

daphne said...

that scoop of ice-cream is huge! Funny thing is, we really like having ice-cream in winter when it's really really cold... more so than summer! Strange huh?

D said...

jas: That was dessert after my lunch haha

daphne: I know what you mean, sometimes it's more enjoyable if it isn't melting so fast, this cone melted abit too fast for me to thoroughly enjoy it.

Freezy said...

arrgh... now you make me regret why didn't i try it the last time i was there!!!!!!

red fir said...

Here you get little balls of ice cream full of the wrong sugars. :(