Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wonjo, Manhattan, NYC

Although Wonjo calls herself a Korean and Japanese restaurant as with most of the Korean restaurants in K-town along 32nd Street, it's really a Korean restaurant. Not many people come here for the Japanese fare.

As with most Korean restaurants, there's a nice variety of side-dishes to start off the meal.

The main thing that sets Wonjo aside from the other Korean restaurants is the use of charcoal here. There's something about charcoal which imparts that smokey aroma that can't be replicated with just gas alone.

The ox-tongue is sliced mightily thin which makes for great quick cooking.

A few seconds on each side and you're done. Since it was unmarinated, it went really well with the salt and pepper in sesame oil.

Next came some spicy marinated pork.

The nice thing about the marinades is they aren't too sweet.

The special Kalbi which was marinated in a spicy sauce.

Tender and succulent, we made quick work of these tasty morsels.

We ended the meal with a little pot of spicy bibimbap. Overall, the meal was pretty decent which was a good start to sampling the fare along this street saturated with Korean restaurants. I'll be back to this street for sure, since some of these joints are opened 24hrs as well.



daphne said...

i love a good hotplate bbq-esp if it is charcoal! The dishes look fairly straight forward but the side-dishes look yummy. ;p and 24 hr joints? now, that I miss.

D said...

There's this pretty good Korean bbq buffet in Perth.. but I can't recall the name... I think it's South of river...