Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cakelove, Washington DC

This little bakery along U street seemed to be garnering quite abit of popularity, so we stopped by for a look.

Apparently they specialize in cupcakes. At 3usd a pop, these are definitely at a premium compared to some that you get back in Singapore.

Nevertheless the flavors and colors did inspire us enough to buy a little box home to sample.

They turned out to be pretty tasty. The icing on top help kept them moist and buttery even though we ate them at the end of the day.



kahsean said...

mmm they look yum! ahha bt it cant beat the asam laksa here in penang =P

J said...

where's the cherry on the cupcake?

zhengning said...

Merry Christmas to you~!

Ms One Boobie said...

Wow.!! that's premium cupcakes.. if you ask me.. :) they are way cheap here.. of course not as fancy. . ;)

D said...

kahsean: haha.. hope u had a safe trip back home

j: i plucked it =P

zhengning: hey same to you!

mamabok: i miss the ones at shunfu.. just 1sgd!

Anonymous said...

wow, nice cupcakes. hahaha. how much do they cost each?