Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cornelia Street Cafe, Manhattan, New York

Cornelia Street Cafe has been around for a quite a while (like a thirty years or so?). It's also a great place for some chill-out jazz at night and has been voted as one of the top 100 hundred jazz clubs in the world. That aside, they also have a pretty decent brunch menu, which was why we were here.

We were seated by the window allowing us to bask in some warm sunlight. I'm not usually a fan of sunlight but it was a rather chilly Winter's day, so any heat was welcomed. Besides, I've always enjoyed peering out onto Cornelia street.

I had the duck quesadilla. Definitely not an authentic Mexican dish but it was tasty and meaty without being too heavy. It was accompanied with a nice tangy salsa which balanced off the salty duck flesh and cheese.

She had the pâté platter which came with four thick slices of pâté; two coarse and two smooth. The bread biscuits which came along with the pâté was warm too, which was a nice touch.

To end the meal, we had the butter milk pancakes topped with fresh fruit dusted with icing sugar and doused with a lot of maple syrup. These light, fluffy pancakes infused with the flavor of the sweet molasses are the key to the perfect brunch.

Of course the only thing sweeter in this meal was my dining companion whom I hoped, thoroughly enjoyed the brunch as well.



Anonymous said...

KAWAII ne!!!! Honto KAWAIII!!!! So...u enjoy the co..i mean the coffee hey?

Sammy said...

wah... so u eat eat eat so much n still look so fit ah. tsk tsk... i need to start exercising

Anonymous said...

waa really quite fit!

hehe caught up with your meatilicious blog once again~

D said...

sammy: I think it's the camera angle =P

jiaying: Good to see you again!