Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Papaya King, Manhattan, New York

Besides the quintessential bagel and thin slice, New York is famous for their hotdogs. You can obtain hotdogs in a variety of forms in New York; from the bare-bones street cart to fancier places. Papaya King has been around since 1931 (in particular this very one on 86th and 3rd), so obviously they must be doing something right.

Started off with the standard hotdog with relish and onions. Not too bad, the hotdog was pleasantly meaty with a snappy casing. The bun was also soft and not crusty.

The curly fries were a tad bit greasy but combined with the ketchup, these salty and crispy spuds were pretty good. I guess I was lucky because I caught them just as they finished frying a fresh batch.

Looking up against the wall, I saw this sign which spoke great words of wisdom. Apparently it's true.

To test the hypothesis, I ordered two chilidogs. The chili was just a little sweet for my liking and could have been much more hotter (in a spice sense). Nevertheless, these were still pretty good and I washed everything else with, you guessed it; a refreshing cup of papaya drink.

With this many locations available, it's good to know I can pickup a good dog when I need one. Besides, if it's good enough for Kramer (Seinfeld fans probably know this), it's good enough for me.



eve910 said...

reading your post on a rainy wednesday morning in a place where it is difficult to find good dogs unless you're willing to pay over RM10 or more. i remember the sausage sizzles that we used to do in uni with longing, although i'm sure they're nowhere near the standard of Papaya King! point: why don't the Ramly burger stalls do hotdogs as well?

Anonymous said...

i wonder why it's called papaya king. :p

i miss papaya soymilk~

zhengning said...

haha, same here! why it's called papaya king :P hahha.
The bread/bun looks soft, must be good :)

Anonymous said...

the name sounds cool! papaya king! hahahah : )

D said...

eve910: RM10 for a hotdog sounds like a total ripoff!!! Sausage sizzles haha, those were the days aye? Fire up the barbie mate!

jiaying: Well apparently they started off as a tropical juice store EVEN before they started selling hotdogs =P

zhengning: I actually did order their papaya drink =)

ladyironchef: It's funny how the hailed the papaya as the KING of tropical fruits. I think that title truly goes to the Durian, or is the Durian the King of ALL fruits?