Sunday, May 04, 2008

Artichoke Basille's Pizza and Brewery, Manhattan, NYC

There's a new pizza joint in town. It's so new that the address on their card is actually printed wrong, they don't do delivery yet and their website isn't up as well. But one thing's real, they're located on 14th street between 1st and 2nd ave and they do make a pretty mean slice.

Here's the square Sicilian slice, their crust is slightly thicker here and crunchier which is a little different from those ultra thin New York slices. Italian basil, fresh tomatoes and a generous topping of cheese, the taste of good ingredients was evident from the first bite.

The Neapolitan didn't lose out to her Sicilian sister. The simplicity of ingredients here was revealed in this fresh tasting pizza. The crust seemed a little too thick though but that's something you don't always have to finish anyway.

Ok, now this is the slice worth the wait. Fresh and bubbling from the oven, their signature creamy artichoke and spinach slice is really tasty. After the two slices of tomato tangy pizzas, it's great to chomp down on something creamy and extra cheesy. Not to mention for three bucks, this slice was simply gianormous.

Did I mention how big their signature slice is? Even though, I'm surprised I actually enjoyed three slices without any meat on it, I'm glad that there's a new pizza joint which can give the multitude of pizza places in Manhattan a run for their money.



Camemberu said...

OMG now THAT is some serious pizza!!!~! *drool*

Anonymous said...

Madonna mia that's some serious pizza!

I hear they make awesome broccoli rabe sandwich too! Some fan even video blogged it:

kahsean said...

mmm big diff to dominos haha

D said...

camemberu: at least nyc is not short of some good pizza =)

admiral artichoke: I never thought I could appreciate vegetarian food to this level

kahsean: domi what? =P