Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sam's No.3, Denver, Colorado

Sam's No.3 is a popular joint not just with tourists but also the locals. In fact, a big group of workmen having a late breakfast here was further affirmation of how this joint is still keeping it real.

The chicken enchilada was a big greasy, cheesy mess. But what a tasty mess this was. The salty cheese was balanced nicely with the generous topping of salsa and the chicken bits were seasoned just right. Although I know it does not look the most beautiful of dishes, its flavor surely surpassed its cover.

Steak plus eggs equals pure genius. That's all I can say. Whoever thought of this "traditional" American breakfast deserves a Nobel prize. A medium rare 16oz ribeye and 2 eggs, both done medium (that's right baby, even the eggs were done medium); this is what I call breakfast!

After all those savory portions we needed something sweet to cleanse the palate. These fluffy butter milk pancakes doused with ample butter, whipped cream and maple syrup sure did the job.

Just to be on the safe side, I had to order one of these mega chocolate shakes haha. Well, what was it they said again? Breakfast like a King, lunch like a King, Dinner like a King? Do pardon my selective hearing impairment.



Anonymous said...

Maffaking orrsome matey!

Lord Dbol

J said...


Anonymous said...

thx for the comments! yea.. how i wish i can take my braces out asap! haha~

nice blog u have!

LiquidShaDow said...

Steaks and eggs sounds good dude. Man I'm hungry...

Junie said...

this is the steak i'm referring to... n ever since u 'went overseas', i always tried to refrain checking out ur blog for food i cannot reach! haha!