Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Sardine Factory, Monterey, California

The Sardine Factory (located on 701 Wave Street, tel: 831-373-3775) is one of the restaurants highly recommended on the Monterey Visitor's Guide. I actually didn't know that, until after this meal but I guess it could only help keep my mind open as we dined that early evening.

The almost obligatory bread at the start. The buns were pretty good but the bread sticks tasted almost stale.

Some condiments to complement the bread, the spiced olives were particularly tasty.

The rich and thick clam chowder was much appreciated on this chilly evening. This stuff was filled with a generous portion of chunky clam flesh.

For my main, I order the calamari steaks, partly out of curiosity but also knowing that since I like calamari so much, I couldn't really go wrong. This was pretty interesting, large unrolled slabs of calamari body flesh coated in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried till crisp before being topped with a black truffle infused cream sauce. This was actually pretty tasty.

Much of the sauce was absorbed by the risotto with black truffle shavings. A very fragrant and delicious side to accompany the calamari.



eve910 said...

O.o hey, jus keep in mind i am on a budget when i get to nyc k! lol!

LiquidShaDow said...

So, no sardines from the Sardine Factory eh?

D said...

liquidshadow: The only sardine item was some baked sardine appetizer and I had already set my eyes on the chowder =), I said exactly the same comment to my colleagues by the way heh.

Lord Dianabol said...
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Lord Dianabol said...

Looks damn good!