Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Street Food Round-up, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Of course no visit of Thailand is complete without some grub from the local street food scene. Here's a charcoal grill making nice work of some Thai satays.

The pork was juicy and succulent with that bonus chunk of lard.

The chicken gizzards were pretty tasty too.

The beef had a different seasoning altogether, without any hint of sweetness that satay has, this was just delightfully savory.

Thai nem (preserved pork), quite similar to the nem in Vietnam. Sometimes, this is eaten raw (although it's really preserved in the spices) but here it was grilled on a stick which made it more attractive. The sourish and salty flavor may not appeal to many but I'm quite okay with it.

One of my favorite stalls is the mixed curry rice store. There's almost always something that one will find tasty in the large variety. A huge dallop of meats and a generous drizzle of curry on a plate of steaming hot rice; a humble dish, a satisfying meal.

The common fried insects stall was present as usual. Never had been a big fan of this to begin with, so I gave it a miss this time.

Fried pork collar in sesame seeds. One cannot help but get a bag of this to snack on.

In addition to the more traditional fare were some rather enterprising ones. This one was serving a huge variety of sushi.

They even had little pan pizzas going for under 2usd each.

Last but not least was this cute stall selling a huge variety of little pastries, ranging from tiny savory sandwiches to mini donuts. Even though my trip was rather short, I'm quite sure I ate my fill.



eve910 said...

satay! omg. d, i dont know if you got my last comment post but i didn't see it show up, so i'm letting you know again i'm going to be in NYC from the 29th of Sept to 1st Oct, add me to your msn! yve117@hotmail.com :D hope to see you soon?

Boots in the Oven said...

Such a lovely array of stuff on sticks! Sort of like the Thai Minnesota State Fair.

J said...

i prefer the malacca satays..sighz...we gotta arrange another malacca trip soon.
we are goign old mother hen tonight. cya

Sammy said...

wahaha! i'm the second top traffic director to your site! haha, nice to see u still going. where's nakhon pathom? looks nice


D said...

eve910: done and done.

boots in the oven: Except this is every single night =D

j: haha, maybe in December when i'm back mate

sammy: nkpt is about 1hr away from Bangkok, it's a nice little town.