Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saigon Bakery, Manhattan, NYC

I was quite pleased to find out that there's a place in Manhattan serving pretty decent banh mi.

This is their banh mi xiu mai which is actually filled with minced pork grilled similarly to nem nuong. Their recommended sandwich, this tasted pretty damn good especially with that huge dollop of pate. The sweet pickled vegetables tasted crunchy and fresh as well.

The standard banh mi saigon which has pate and pork in it was pretty good too but I prefered the xiu mai version because I actually liked the chewy nem nuong bits.

Of course, which banh mi meal is complete without some Vietnamese iced coffee?



Sebastian Ng said...

dude looks nice but you didn't give your review you just said what was in it... need to give more in depth of what you like and dislike...

God Bless

LiquidShaDow said...

I've never had banh mi before. They look pretty good except for the corriander that I see.

Anonymous said...

Awesome mate! Looks even yummier than the Ben Thanh breadrolls at Mirrabooka!

D said...

seb: beyond words =P

liquidshadow: a good banh mi kicks the ass out of any subway anytime

anon: the fillings are alot more generous