Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Madison Square Garden Hotdog, Knicks VS Nets, Manhattan

Madison Square Garden is home to many big entertainment events. It's also supposedly home to some pretty decent hotdoggies.

I had a plain dog with mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. Salty and greasy with a nice snappy casing. Maybe I was hungry, but these were actually pretty good.

The teams soon came onto the court for their warm-up.

After my warm-up, I decided to hit another dog. This time I went for the cheese and sauerkraut. Although it made it slightly more messy to eat, I did enjoy the tang that the sauerkraut imparted. The spiced sweet potato chips were also a refreshing change.

A pity, albeit not surprising; sad to say, the hotdogs were the only things which scored some points tonight.



Pocket Rocket said...

wow, you have a solid blog. really enjoy your entries. you'll be in the US of A for good? I'm thinking of studying there myself too. keep the entries coming... cheers.

Boots in the Oven said...

Those hotdogs don't look half bad, though that is an intense amount of mayo! Wow!

kahsean said...

classic! just like wat i c on the movies!
cnt wait to eat one of em hotdoggies wen im in america

D said...

jeffrey: Not sure yet. Life is sometimes so unpredictable =)

boots in the oven: I know! I didn't have any control over the mayo but fortunately it turned out pretty creamy and not too tangy

kahsean: Come over anything, we'll be waiting =D