Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chocolat N' Spice, Shunfu Rd, Singapore

Nestled amongst your typical hawker fare at the Shan Fy Food Centre (Blk 320 Shunfu Rd) is this stall selling baked stuff. You'll probably smell their products or see the queue before you actually come closer and see what the fuss is about. This "fuss" is some of the best tasting freshly baked muffins I've tried. The brainchild behind this establishment was apparently a hotel trained pastry chef who decided to set out to bring these tasty treats, at affordable prices, to the heartlands. Well, this doesn't mean anything because I've had pretty poor pastries at five star hotels, so it's best to let your taste decide.

The chocolate chip muffin is pretty much their trademark favorite. Going for only 1SGD, these are slightly crisp on the outside and marvelously moist and rich on the inside. You can taste the richness of the butter and eggs in this. The number of egg trays stacked beside their ovens are just a testimonial to how many of these babies are churned out everyday.

If you love rich chocolate brownies, you have to try these. Filled with enough walnuts to impart a slight crunch, the rest of the indulgent super-structure consists of rich, thick but not-too-sweet brownie dough. Great with some some vanilla ice-cream on the side.

The peach slice was only average though. Somehow it just paled in comparison to everything else.

A new flavor has been introduced and I was extremely pleased that this is one which I've conjured up in my head many a time - the double chocolate chip muffin.

Moist, buttery and decadent chocolate muffin dough infused with chunks of bitter-sweet chocolate, this is simply king.

I've had alot of varying responses from my friends who tried the muffins here and some do feel they're over-rated. For 1-1.20SGD a pop, I don't think price is an issue. The best way to do these muffins justice however, is to dine-in and have them fresh. I notice that the take-away muffins only taste half as good. They do have a very limited set of cutlery and plates if you want to dine in (why do I always seem to be the only person doing it though?).



Anonymous said...

hey d, beg your pardon. I enabled compulsory login but i forgot to enable registration ability, fixed already :P

coz I've been getting lotsa spam.

I actually have some photos but mostly a bit blurry of xmas but not great pics and not complete. I'll try to put them up soon.

btw I ate the shanghai xiao long bao restaurant at seng poh road twice already, rather good but their zha jiang mian cannot match cheng li yuan at all. and their noodles come from a factory. the dumplings are great though!

Sammy said...

Hey D, which would you reckon? Chicken rice at Margaret drive or Mei chin road or which one has retianed it's quality and taste over all these years.

D said...

YD: Gosh that's a hard one. Both chooks are quite delectable, tender and plump. The one at Mei Chin Rd does a porridge that is rather smooth and goes pretty good with the raw fish that they sell as well. All else being equal, I think Mei Chin wins by a very small fraction, not due to their chicken rice per se but moreso the porridge, the assortment of other hawkers there (such as the laksa and prawn noodle) and the slighly better availibility of parking. Do try both and tell me what you think as well. p.s: And the chili sauce at Margaret drive is slightly too mild for me to appreciate.

Lord Dianabol said...

Just eat `em all baby, eat `em all.

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

yum yum.. i have always wanted to go there but no chance! soon soon! great post..

D said...

lavender cupcaker: They have a branch at Blk 1 #01-18, Tanjong Pagar Plaza as well, so you may want to check that one out if it's nearer where you are. I've not tried the branch before though, so I'm not sure if it's as good/worse/better than this one.

Anonymous said...

I've still been reading... :) Hope you're good. Take care!~

god bless,

Unknown said...

Hi D, just dropped by to say hey! gosh, you're also one of them foodie experts! all you guys are so into FOOOD ... to see all your foodie pix ..., you're not making it easy for me - where do I start??

So, you have been to Vietnam as well, HCMC? Were you working there too? We lived there for a while, but we were based in Hanoi, the Northern part. I liked a cold rice noodle dish which they called bun cha in Hanoi but it may be called differently down south.

Righteo, dropping off to sleep now. We all sleep very early here.

D said...

jas: definitely far from an "expert", I was in HCMC for work/leisure but it wasn't long-term. I'm currently based in Singapore but that may change in a few months, not sure yet. Bun cha is the cold rice noodle right? Quite tasty stuff, but we tend to name the dish with what it's served with i.e. if it's with springrolls it's bun cha gio or if it's with meat and nem nuong; bun thit nem nuong etc.