Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sin Kee Chicken Rice, Margaret Drive, Singapore

So I'm back now in Singapore and what better way to jump straight back into local food than a dish that can't be more localized as chicken rice? I don't usually get cravings for chicken rice but somehow, just the thought of hot, fluffy and oily savory rice with tender and succulent slices of chicken seemed like what I needed after a short trip away. Sin Kee on the first floor (i.e. the floor above ground) at Commonwealth Ave Cooked Food Centre can be considered somewhat of an institution in Singapore and although I heard that there were some "issues" which led to the other stall opening at Mei Chin Rd Food Centre (pretty damn good in their own right), this place still continues to draw the crowds.

I reckon the test of a good boiled chicken is the tenderness and succulency of the breast meat. The last thing you want is a tough dry slice of breast where the sinews of flesh get caught between your teeth. Thankfully, the chicken here is done pretty well. My only gripe was that it wasn't served warm because they're normally hung up after being cooked and served at room temperature.

The little plates of sauces included the typical thick black soy sauce, a pretty tasty albeit mild chilli sauce (looks fiery here but it was sadly quite tame) and the pounded young ginger. I love the pounded young ginger but not all chicken rice stalls serve it.

Well, even if the bird was slightly cold at least the rice was steaming hot. I think they've toned down on the grease in this since I last had it but it still was really fragrant and tasty. I personally like to stir in abit of black sauce and chilli into the rice whilst it's still steaming hot but maybe that's just me.

Since I was already here, I decided to order a plate of that char kua teow for good measure haha.



Anonymous said...

I was at yummie dummies, saw your comment on Margaret Drive chicken rice, so I "flew" like chicken here :D
I love all the condiments -sweet sauce, chilli sauce and ginger, all in my chicken rice, YAY! :D

Anonymous said...

Good grub if I might say so.

I don't believe I'd tried this chook rice before.... but it's been awhile since I had any food in Singapore..

Lord Dianabol

D said...

tigerfish: Yay for condiments! (and flying chickens =D)

lord dianabol: sup? Tigerair has budget flights now *hint

Anonymous said...

So, is the char kway teow that good? The last ckt I had was at Amoy Street, pretty good.

I uploaded some pics after you reminded me, lol, needed a push. They're not great pics though :P

I have got to try your recommended prawn noodle at mei chin but I've been having so much prawn noodle that I needed a break.

As for the shanghai xiao long bao place, we did try 2 desserts. I think it was the soupy one which is ok but not my type and I def wanted the red bean pancake which had not the best pastry ever but one of the best in modern times. I used to eat red bean pancake with my family very often at a now defunct Chinese restaurant called Dragon Phoenix! That was the best :P

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the chef who had been preparing the succulent chicken for so many years had just left his job owing to ill treatment from the boss. The chef happen to be a personal friend of mine.