Monday, January 22, 2007

Seafood in Loc An, Baria-Vungtau, Vietnam

On the way to Baria from Vungtau, we stopped by this pretty cool seafood restaurant in Loc An that serves the freshest seafood. The catch is either caught the day itself or from the man-made lagoons surrounding the restaurant, created for rearing various tasty morsels from the sea. These round fishing boats are unique to Vietnam and require a lot of skill to steer (like heaps!).

Raw fish salad, we ate this with rice paper like a roll. It was not too bad, but I was never really a fan of raw fish. Still, the tangy dressing made it rather refreshing.

These, I loved. Sundried shrimp that's subsequently charcoal grilled with some seasalt. Chewy and tasty, great stuff to go with beer!

The oysters are freshly shucked and grilled on the spot before being served. With just a drizzle of lime and salt and pepper, a few platters of these were easily wiped out.

There's always a place for steamed clams. The bits of ginger are put in to balance the overpowering scent of fresh clams but I never really was put off by overly "clammy" smelling clams anyway.

We were told they had some special crabs for us. So boy was I excited when this arrived.

Look at her, spread before us in full glory. A pity I'm not a fan of crab roe haha. I really appreciated their efforts but was actually hoping for something meatier. Nevertheless, this close-up is for all you crab roe lovers out there.



Anonymous said...

No real fish there?

Just shellfish and crustacean?

Oysters are looking fabulous mate.

You shoulda told `em to deshell the crab for fried-rice - garnish the rice with them crab roe stud.

Good post as always!

LiquidShaDow said...

The sundried shrimp sure looks like a tasty snack there.

D said...

anon: Yup, but I didn't have much control over the order since my Vietnamese friends just went ahead.

liquidshadow: It sure was tasty, sort of reminded me abit of the scallop candy from Hokkaido.