Monday, June 12, 2017

Durian Cheesecake, Kin Senn Thai Street Food and Bakery - Pitt Street, Sydney CBD

Walking along Pitt street, we came across this typical Thai restaurant. However what caught our attention was the type of cakes that they offered. Especially their Durian Cheesecake.

Being a big fan of the king of fruits, I could not say no to this slice of heaven. In a east meets west fusion fashion, the pastry chefs managed to unite durian and the traditional cheesecake in holy matrimony.
Interesting how they used a sliced Pandan leaf as garnish despite not being incorporated into the flavour profile.

The slice of cake comes with a little tub of durian cream for kicks and giggles.

Various items being offered for the season

Other cakes in their fridge

Durian dessert that actually looks like a durian fruit. Absolutely love this place!

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