Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ramadan Street Food Festival 2017, Lakemba

As-salaam ‘alaykum fellow friends and country men. Its that time of the year again and our middle eastern friends are in the midst of fasting. But boy! They really know how to party the moment the sun is down....

Enter the Ramadan Street Food Festival at Lakemba! Where the smell of food permeates the cold winter air along with the noise from the crowds of people all around. Righto, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Interesting corn grilling hardware - smoky hot corn on the cob in the making.

This round device is used to cook the bread dough which will then have Zaatar spread on it

Kebabs anyone?

Egyptian Cuisine

Random store selling French Crepes with Nutella

Look at the spread of skewered meats!

Jelabi! - Indian dessert

All sorts of Indian Desserts (My favourite Rasmalai on the bottom of the picture)

Semolina pudding and possibly more Kanafeh

Crepes in the making

Pretty busy night!

Don't mess with the Sergeant

Camel burger patties being grilled

Fresh Zaatar spice mix

More grilled meats

Grilling corn the traditional way with just a hint of salt, sugar and spices

Indian Murturbak

Kanafeh in all its glory.

Mutton bone stew

Marinated fish ready for the grill

So What are you all waiting for? Go check it out for yourselves whilst Ramadan is still on! Comon! Chop chop!

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