Monday, June 12, 2017

Watsup Brothers Kebabs and more! - Condell Park, NSW


Introducing our latest find located within the vicinity of Bankstown hospital. Watsup Brothers offers the entire range of traditional Kebabs, Pides and pizzas. Furthermore, they have an in house charcoal grill producing ultra succulent and smoky meat on skewers that just might be the best we've discovered in Sydney yet!

4 Shish Deluxe combo: 4 skewered meat of your choice (Kafta, lamb, chicken, etc) on a bed of savoury rice. Pickles and salad on the side. Comes with warm Turkish flat bread too (as shown in a later picture)

Homemade Lentil soup to warm you up during the winter

The famous Watsup box! Meat, meat and more meat on a bed on tabouleh salad (we opted to go with salad rather than chips to cut down the carb load)

Drizzled with creamy garlic sauce all over the top

Closeup - Food Porn at its best....

Bread comes with the shish combo and a side plate of dips as well. I believe one was a labneh based sauce (strained yoghurt) and the other was made from smoked peppers (hence the red colour)

The view is not obscured by the bread now! hahahaha.

Open kitchen concept

View of the pide/pizza manufacturing section. Also they have a fridge stocked with traditional Lebanese desserts to cater to your sweet cravings too.

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