Monday, June 12, 2017

Shinara Korean Buffet - Sydney CBD

Anyoung haseyo!

Tucked away unassumingly along Pitt street is this restaurant offering you the all time favourites.

And yes, it IS a buffet so you can go stuff yourself silly as well.

Every sitting comes with a complimentary hotpot of either spicy kimchi, bean paste and beef or Ginseng chicken soup. We decided to go with the Bean paste beef hot pot today.

As with most buffets, the hot food are all situated on the Bain Marie. As the turnover is brisk during lunchtime, the items are refreshed very often and piping hot too.

Cold salad section with the Obligatory Kimchi

Various other hot food items

Pretty random Bread pudding being offered as dessert if you're into that kind of thing.

JokBal - Braised pork leg with all the congealed collagen

The bean paste and beef soup from the complimentary hot pot

KFC (Korean fried chicken) and some beef bulgogi

Selection of salads, pickled and fresh

Battered and deep fried flounder and more KFC

Spicy pork belly and fish cake


As usual, they try to charm you into purchasing soju to go with the meal by means of advertising with Korean celebrities who probably underwent plastic surgery upteen times before showing their faces in public.

Random Soju advertisement again with yet another walking advertisement for plastic surgery perhaps?

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