Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I guess it certainly was befitting that my last meal in Vietnam before going off to the airport was a bowl of steaming hot pho. Having been recommended Pho 24 over Pho 2000 by some locals, we decided to give them a shot.

Pho 24 overall exudes a slightly higher level of finesse over Pho 2000. Taste wise they weren't too bad either. These cha gio (deep-fried springrolls) were crisp and filled with juicy minced pork.

The condiments for the pho are all laid out nicely on square porcelain plate.

The pho bac biet I ordered had a broth that was pretty tasty and the assortment of meats in it were quite good. In summary Pho 24 gives you a dining experience which is a tad bit more refined but with visibly smaller portions. Overall, I still think that Pho 2000 gives you better bang for your buck. It seems that when most restaurants start going "upmarket" it goes hand-in-hand with a sacrifice on the serving portions.


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Lord Dianabol said...

Quality can come in quantity too - these nitwits just don't get it.

I always am dismayed with the poorer service and/or serving sizes once a place becomes "popular", which is the usualy scourge afflicting many eateries big or small.