Monday, February 05, 2007

Baked Marble Cheesecake

For this recipe, I'll introduce another very simple addition to your arsenal of ready-made desserts - D's ultra lazy chocolate ganache. This is so easy to do and you can freeze it for use later on.

1. Chocolate chips (I normally use high cocoa bitter chocolate)
2. Double cream

1. Get a microwavable glass bowl. Make sure it's extremely clean and dry
2. Put in some chocolate chips and zap it at medium for one minute at a time
3. Remove it and test if it's soft with a clean spoon. Sometimes it looks "solid" but it's actually really quite soft
4. Once the chocolate chips are liquidy enough, mix in equal amounts of double thick cream i.e. for 100g of chocolate chips, use about 100ml of cream but this ratio is definitely not prescriptive, I normally just eye-ball it anyway

5. Pour the cream cheese mixture provided from the introduction into the biscuit base and swirl in some of the warm chocolate ganache
6 Bake covered with aluminium foil at 180degC (non fan-forced) for about 30mins, remove the foil and bake at 150degC till golden brown

7. Cool at room temperature

8. Serve when cool

Hint: The swirling bit is really quite hap-hazard, I normally just place a blob in the center and use a fork to slowly swirl it out towards the edges

Cheesecakes are best kept chilled in our local weather and are great tasting cold as well. Use a warm cake knife to slice through cold cheesecakes for a neater slice. I normally warm my knife by dipping the blade-end into some hot water prior to quickly wiping it before administering the slice.



Unknown said...

D, you're on my hit list now, a marked man ... I'm going to add you to my side bar but I'm just about dead! now from my Bailey's, so you will definitely see your link tomorrow. But I have mentioned you in my latest post just now. So ... I'm tracking you ...

Eleanor said...

Hello DBS, for someone who does not own kitchen scales nor measuring cups, and who can't bake to save her life, I think I can just about manage this recipe! My second attempt at pate is an utter disaster - there are a few upsetting things on my mind and I seriously think that the negativity has 'transferred' itself into my cooking. I should just have drunk all the brandy than cooked with it...

Unknown said...

D, please do come into the 'realm' more often. It's not only for gals you know, plenty of dessert chefs are male :p

cruel-intentions said...

omg! kinda surprise to see a dessert entry from u..haha
ur marble cake turns out great..wondering does it work w/o the biscuit base?

D said...

jas: Hit list... that's it, your restraining order is going to be issued soon haha. Ahh Bailey's is always good, straight, in coffee, over tiramisu, poured over vanilla ice-cream =)

eleanor: But your first attempt looked so delicious! Yup, I don't normally use measuring cups or scales myself, it's a lot more fun to go by the "feel" (ok, and I'm lazy as well haha)

angie: Yeah... but I reckon there's still something about baking and emasculation.. I mean... all that heat can't be good? Haha!

cruel-intentions: Yes, I'm full of surprises ;), the answer to your question lies in my next post =D, and all the best for your final lap too.

Lord Dianabol said...

Good cake stud. You ever thought of opening a cafe or restaurant of sorts?

How about cooking academy? ;o)

Eleanor said...

Had another taste this morning - it wasn't as bad as I feared.... but definitely not as good as the first attempt.

D said...

lady dianabol: Haha, no time dude. But if any VCs are willing to sponsor my meals and ingredients, I may just re-coordinate my work schedule.

eleanor: Hmm, if the recipe was exactly the same, then maybe it was the freshness of the ingredients? Might help to query your butcher about the livers that you bought.

zhengning said...

cool! another recipe from you!
Wow, you're really good at this! Hope to see your recipes more often! :D

D said...

zhengning: Yup, I'll love to put up more, when I get more time =D And do get well soon ok?

Eleanor said...

Hi - its ok after all - I just did not add enough mustard powder!